Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekly Weigh-In Week 7

Another week, another weigh-in! I upped my game this week and lost myself a whole kilo.

One kg isn't a big loss, but it's definitely a good loss. Especially when there are *ahem* reasons *ahem* that mean I'm holding a bit of water at the moment.

Anywho... I've had another great week on plan this week. I've been eating well, drinking water and exercising regularly. Lots of back patting has been administered. I joke, obviously, but I am truly proud of the determination and follow-through I've been showing for the past couple of weeks. I know there will be bad weeks to come, but this week was one of those where what I'm striving for has been clear in my mind and I've been motivated to work towards it.

The only "bad" day I've had this week was yesterday, for my fiance, Sean's birthday. Because it was a special day, we both decided to have the day off from kilojoule counting and eating strictly. We did eat a few things that we wouldn't have otherwise (like my home made key lime pie), but overall I was still good. Usually, when I'm trying to lose weight and have a day off for a special occasion, I go straight back to binge eating and I make sure that I make up for lost time with the worst foods I can find. Something has changed this time, and though there was a little part of me that wanted to revert back to my old ways, the majority of me was just not interested. I've worked so hard to get to where I am now, attitude wise, that I'm not willing to take a step back. For me this was huge!

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