Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tiny (Imagined?) Changes

I once heard someone compare weight loss to a roll of paper towel (no really, stay with me). When you start a new roll, taking off five or so sheets doesn't appear to change the size of the roll. As the roll gets smaller, however, taking off the same number of sheets starts to make a more noticeable different to the rolls size. Still with me?

So far I'm down nearly 15 kgs, which I'm sure anyone would agree is a lot of weight. The problem is, because I've got so much to lose, the changes I think that I'm seeing are almost imperceptible. They're so small that I almost feel like I'm imagining things.

The one place I'm almost sure I'm starting to see a difference is in my face. My cherub cheeks are a little less plump and my spare chins are shrinking away. I'm also fairly sure that my clothes are getting looser. I haven't shrunk out of anything yet, but it feels like most of my clothes are sitting a lot better on me. Other than that though, it's impossible to tell.

I've been working hard for three months now, and I really can't wait to see some concrete physical changes to be excited about. I'm not getting down about it, but I really want to be able to look in the mirror and see that all of the good things I have been doing are showing.

Has anyone else felt the same at some point? And when did you first notice that you could see a difference?

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