Saturday, 9 February 2013

Week Two: A Weigh In Of Sorts

So this week won't be a normal weigh in because my scales broke! If anything will make you feel like a fatty, it's breaking your scales.

I'm especially bummed that I can't weigh myself this week, because I haven't had a great week. On Friday I posted about how I've been feeling less resolve. I haven't completely gone off of the rails with my diet, but I would have liked to see how the week of slightly higher daily kilojoules and being a little too lenient on myself affected my progress. It would also probably be good for me to see the effect of the boozy night I had last night at my best friends engagement party and subsequent drunk Macca's run (the first fast food I've had so far).

There is an upside to this post though, because as well as weighing myself each Sunday, I also take measurements. I was very surprised to see this week that I had lost 1.5 cm from my waist and 3 cm from my hips! These are very decent losses compared with those in previous weeks, so I can't wait to go get a new set of scales and see how much my weight has changed.

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